Minutes - 25 February 2021

Minutes of Sedgebrook Parish Council’s Virtual Meeting
held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 25 February 2021

Present: Chairman C Wood, Vice Chairman G Mahoney, Cllr J Denton, Cllr C Warby, County Councillor Mark Whittington, Mrs J Bratton (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer) and one member of the public.

1 Chairman’s Remarks – the Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2021 and the beginning of a very strange year. A lot has happened, but we have a wonderful community and wonderful spirited people in Sedgebrook. The Parish Council paid a special tribute to Samantha Wade and her colleagues for the sterling work completed over most of the past 12 months.

2 Apologies for absence and reasons given – no apologies were received.

3 To receive declarations of interest on any item on the Agenda under The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 of the Localism Act 2011.
A declaration of interest was received from Vice Chairman Gill Mahoney on item 9.1, Planning Appeal - Land at Allington Road.

4 Notes of the last virtual meeting held on 26 November 2020
The notes of the last meeting, held on 26 November 2020, were approved, and will be signed by the Chairman at the earliest opportunity.
Action: Chairman to sign the notes.

5 Correspondence
5.1 A letter of thanks was sent to the Community Cleaner for continuing to work during lockdown.
5.2 Letters of thanks to the County Councillor and the District Councillors for their work and the continued delivery of services from their respective authorities.
5.3 To SKDC Planning regarding S20/1870 – erection of annexe to rear of dwelling at 29 Allington Road – no representations were submitted.
5.4 To SKDC with the precept application for the financial year 2021 to 2022 for an increase of 2%.
5.5 The December 2020/January 2021 issue of the Allington News had been received.
5.6 The Play Inspection Company had issued their Annual Inspection of the play equipment.
5.7 Comments on the planning appeal – Land at Allington Road, Sedgebrook – were uploaded to the Planning Inspectorate’s website.
5.8 SKDC had sent a copy of the revised 2020/21 Electoral Register.
5.9 The Play Inspection Company sent an order acknowledgement for the next Annual Inspection for £83.40 (an increase of £2.40 including VAT).
5.10 LIVES Community First Responders – request for a donation to continue work across Lincolnshire. It was unanimously agreed to donate £100 to the cause.
Clerk Action: to send a cheque and write with thanks to Kiki Steel and Tim Nuthall for their work with LIVES and their continuing support for the village and their local responsibilities to the parish.
5.11 SKDC sent details of the Public Consultation for the Planning Policy which will be available on their website from the 29 January 2021. Comments on the design guidelines are required by the 12 March 2021.
5.12 SKDC sent the monthly update report on the Register of Electors.
5.13 Lincolnshire County Council sent details of a temporary road closure on Abbey Lane from the 15 – 17 February – Anglia Water will be completing some repairs on a cover and frame. Diversions will be signposted.
5.14 SKDC had granted planning permission for planning application no: S20/1870 regarding erection of annexe to the rear of dwelling at Tanglewood, 29 Allington Road – this was granted subject to conditions.
5.15 LCC sent details of a road closure order for level crossing maintenance works on Sewstern Lane Level Crossing from the 3 March to the 17 March – this was subsequently cancelled.
5.16 LCC informed the Parish Council of a road closure order which will be in place on Allington Road from 22 March to the 29 March 2021.
5.17 A letter of thanks to District Councillor Pam Bosworth for her assistance in obtaining the funding from the SKDC Ward member Grant Scheme which has paid for the refurbishment of the Recreation Field sign.
5.18 HSBC sent details of changes to the business banking services.
5.19 The latest February/March 2021 issue of the Allington News – the copy deadline is Friday 13 March.
5.20 SKDC have offered a supply of one tonne of free sand and 100 sandbags to be used for flood defence. See item 6.1 Public Forum.
5.21 SKDC have issued the Monthly Update report of the Register of Electors for March 2021.
The Parish Councillors noted all the correspondence which had been circulated since the 30 November 2020.

6 Public Forum
6.1 Sandbags – following discussion it was noted the bags supplied with the sand in the past had rotted away.
Clerk Action: to enquire if the sandbags would be the same as previously supplied and what the shelf-life will be – would they be renewed on an annual basis or would the Parish Council be responsible for replacing the bags.
Storage of sand – Abbey Farm would be quite happy to store the sand and bags. The Parish Council would look into the possible storage at the rear of The Nursery as the sand would be more accessible to the centre of the village where properties have flooded.
6.2 Flooding of the Railway Bridge on Allington Road – County Councillor Mark Whittington had taken up the matter with LCC Highways. Flooding has occurred due to surplus water on the railway embankment which is the property of Network Rail who have always denied responsibility. Network Rail have now admitted liability but are unable to schedule in the repair work. Lincolnshire County Council will be completing the work and passing on their invoice to Network Rail. The work is scheduled from the 22 March to the 29 March with Allington Road being closed with a lengthy detour. In reality, the repairs could take between two to three days. The County Councillor is hoping the repairs resolve the flooding issue but there is the possibility there could also be a blocked drainage pipe.
6.3 126 residents are now receiving the Village Emails so information can be easily circulated.
6.4 Footpaths - Andy Savage from Lincolnshire County Council's Rights of Way team is investigating some issues related to the historic standing of the footpath that leads from School Lane towards the A52. If there is any further information from him this will be reported at future meetings.

7 Highways
7.1 Pothole – the County Councillor had reported the large pothole on Village Street to Rowan Smith the Area Highways Manager.
7.2 Update on Flooding Issues – the County Councillor is still concerned with the flooding in the central part of the village. The Land Drainage Act 1991 requires that a watercourse be maintained by its owner in such a condition that the free flow of water is not impeded. In Sedgebrook the drainage ditches are not being cleared and a lot of ditches are blocked. In the 1980s there was not a great issue with flooding, so Highways cut back their funding and they have not enforced Riparian Landowners. Some people are unaware of their responsibilities as they haven’t been written to. There is a drop in the lay of the land which the drains take advantage of and the water comes out into The Beck. If all the drains are cleared, gravity will sort out the flow of water. Section 19 Investigations by the Could Council would be carried out when there was internal flooding within a property. The Parish Council requested details of the results of the investigations.
Action: The District Councillor to send a copy of the flooding investigations which have been previously carried out.
7.3 Street Sign for Allington Road with the junction of Village Street?
There is some confusion as to the naming of Allington Road and Village Street which do not marry up with the OS map and the addresses which had been given to various properties.
Clerk Action: to write to SKDC to request clarification on the boundaries of the road from the A52 out to the Allington border of Village Street.

8 Recreation Field/The Green
8.1.1 Annual Inspection Report for the Play Equipment – the Vice Chairman reported that a couple of caps are required to cover two screws on the slide.
Vice Chairman Action: to contact Kompan.
8.1.2 Future playground inspections – although the Parish Council have organised the Playground Inspections Company to complete December 2021’s inspection, the Parish Council will request a quotation from EnvironmentSK.
Clerk Action: to contact EnvironmentSK to see if they complete playground equipment inspections.
8.2 Waste Bin on The Green – odour issues – to replace bin with a lid or relocate?
It was noted that the waste bin smells really foul especially being close to the post-box.
Clerk Action: to see if SKDC could replace the bin with an odour reducing waste bin for The Green.
8.3 Fencing close to the bench against The Manor’s field – it was reported that the fencing had been pulled forward and it looked like it was deliberate; this to be monitored.

9 Planning
9.1 Planning Appeal – Land at Allington Road, Sedgebrook – the Parish Council had sent comments on the Planning Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate – it was noted a decision should be received within the next two months.
9.2 Planning Request for extension to Sedgebrook cemetery – application for discussion – the Clerk had made an appointment to discuss the planning application with the Duty Officer on the 5 March.
9.3 Planning Application – Listed Building Consent – Chestnut Farm, Village Street – replacement of roof tiles and underlay, repair of structural timbers, repair of dormers and addition of roof lights – it was agreed there were no objections from the Parish Council to the applicant's proposals and that fact would be formally communicated to SKDC Planning Department.
Clerk Action: to send the form to SKDC Planning.

10 Tree Management – Risk Assessment – inspection to be completed – the inspection had been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The inspection is due to take place within a week.

11 Public Footpaths
11.1 Public Footpath Signs – Viking Way close to the railway crossing on Sewstern Lane – the footpath sign had fallen down; a new finger post is due to be installed shortly.
11.2 Viking Way – the right of way was being destroyed by 4x4s – there are large ruts along the right of way which are full of water which makes it impassable by foot/bicycle. The County Council as the relevant authority are aware of the situation and are investigating various potential solutions. However, there are complex legal matters and rights related to historic by ways which make effective solutions difficult to introduce. Any progress would be reported to future meetings.

12 Finance (The Clerk)
12.1 Verification of Bank Statements/Bank Reconciliations – Cllr Denton had continued to verify the bank statements with the Bank Reconciliations via post up to the 5 February 2021.
12.2 Quarter End Accounts as at 31 December 2020 – the clerk reported that the Parish Council had received the Community Cleaner’s grant from SKDC and the SKDC Ward Grant via District Councillor Pam Bosworth of £250.
12.3 Standing Orders – the Standing Orders had been reviewed and it was unanimously resolved to adopt.
12.4 Risk Assessment – following a review, it was unanimously resolved to adopt the Risk Assessment.
12.5 Financial Regulations – after the review, it was unanimously resolved to adopt the Financial Regulations.
12.6 Asset Register – the register had been updated and amended.
12.7 Sedgebrook Parish Council to register for online fundraising? Following discussion, it was noted that St Lawrence Church had registered for the online funding. It was resolved to ask Allington Parish Council their views on the scheme before going any further.
Clerk Action: to contact the Clerk of Allington Parish Council.
12.8 Village Christmas Tree – small donation each year? Following discussion it was unanimously agreed that should there ever be a point where the Christmas Tree fund required a donation to remain solvent the Parish Council would give full and favourable consideration to a suitable donation (subject to a councillor vote).
12.9 LALC – Annual Training Scheme – from the 1 April 2021 – to renew? It was unanimously resolved to renew the Annual Training Scheme.
Clerk Action: to inform LALC and to arrange payment on the 1 April 2021.
12.10 Payments – Community Cleaner – it was resolved to pay the Community Cleaner up to the 31 March 2021
12.11 Internal Auditor – vacancy
12.12 Payment – Parish Clerk – it had been resolved to pay the Clerk her basic payment up to 28 February 2021
12.13 Payment - Play Inspections Company – the payment had been resolved for £81 and payment had been made.
12.14 Payment – Annual Membership of Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils for 2021/2022 - £141.10 – it was unanimously resolved to pay the membership subscription on the 1 April 2021.
Clerk Action: to inform LALC of the renewal and payment date.

13 Items to be discussed at the next meeting – no items to discuss.

14 Annual Parish Meeting – to be held on the 13 May 2021 – the format to discuss – following a brief discussion it was resolved to add the item to the next meeting’s agenda when further guidance should be available on holding face to face or continue with remote meetings.

15 Date of the next “virtual” meeting:

Thursday 8 April 2021

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20 pm.