Minutes - 2 September 2021

Minutes of Sedgebrook Parish Council’s Meeting
held in Sedgebrook Social Club at 7.00 pm on Thursday 2 September 2021

Present: Chairman C Wood, Vice Chairman G Mahoney, Cllr J Denton, Cllr C Warby,
Cllr N McGreevy, Mrs J Bratton (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer) and one member of the public.

1 Chairman’s Remarks – the Chairman welcomed everyone to the first Parish Council Meeting of the autumn. The virus is still about but we have to make life as normal as possible. There has always been a good community spirit in the village which really shone during the pandemic. It is important that this continues but there have been recent occasions when that spirit appears to have been a little less harmonious than before

2 Apologies for absence and reasons given – none.

3 To receive declarations of interest on any item on the Agenda under The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012 of the Localism Act 2011.
No Declarations of Interests were received.

4 Notes of the last meeting held on 1 July 2021
The notes of the last meeting, held on 1 July 2021, were approved as being a true record, and signed by the Chairman.

5 Correspondence

5.1 SKDC sent listed building consents for Chestnut Farm, Village Street for application Nos S21/0896 and S21/897 – permission granted subject to conditions.
5.2 SKDC had sent 3 Monthly Update reports for the Electoral Register.
5.3 The Clerk had sent copies of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Forms to SKDC for the Chairman and Cllr N McGreevy.
Clerk Action: to remind SKDC that Cllr McGreevy needs to be listed as a Parish Councillor on their website.
5.4 SKDC Enforcement Team from Planning had sent an acknowledgement regarding the selling of cars from the forecourt at the old Bistro Café on the A52.
5.5 The Parish Council had applied for Planning Permission for an extension to the graveyard on behalf of St Lawrence Church – refer to item 6.9. A letter had been sent to the Treasurer of the Parochial Church Council requesting a refund of the application fee of £231.
5.6 P E Hempstead and Sons sent their invoice for the grass-cutting completed during July 2021.
5.7 SKDC had sent confirmation that the application to the SK Community Fund for £2956.80 had been successful.
5.8 Lincolnshire County Council sent details of level crossing maintenance works at Allington Junction Level Crossing East of Sedgebrook which will take place on the 8th to the 9th September 2021.
5.9 SKDC Planning sent a copy of a Planning Application No: S21/1535 St Lawrence Church – to extend the graveyard to include land next to graveyard which would be a change of use. See item 6.5.
5.10 SKDC sent correspondence stating they are examining the application and plans to see if they comply with the law regarding the above planning application No: S21/1535 (item 5.9)
5.11 SKDC sent a Remittance Advice detailing the payment of £2217.80 from the Community Fund for the fencing around the play equipment.
5.12 Lincolnshire County Council sent information on the new Grantham Transport Strategy including a survey and public drop-in sessions on the 9th and 11th September.
5.13 ElanCity sent details of Speed Signs and information display equipment.
5.14 HSBC requested details of the Parish Council for the online Safeguard review.
5.15 HSBC sent information on the changes to the pricing and services with effect from the 1 November 2021 – the Community Account will not be available and will be replaced by a Charitable Bank Account which will carry a monthly fee with cash and cheque transactions being chargeable.
Clerk Action: to ask for guidance from LALC and to put the item on the agenda of the next meeting.
5.16 A copy of the August/September 2021 Allington News had been received.
5.17 Quotations for the work required on the trees were received from Manor Farm Tree Services Ltd, Arboretum Tree & Garden Services and Simpson Arboriculture Ltd.
5.18 SKDC sent a Notification of Planning Application No S1/1670 for change of use of Units 2 and 4 from Office Use to Class E Commercial Business and Services Uses, at The Grange, School Lane.

The Parish Councillors noted all the correspondence which had been circulated by email since the 1 July 2021.

6 Public Forum
6.1 A member of the public reported that the guttering on School Lane towards the A52 floods and the road is very uneven with potholes; it was requested that the road is levelled up. The Chairman informed the member of the public in some detail that the maintenance of public highways was the legal responsibility of the relevant Highway Authority. Given that and the limited financial resources that the Parish Council had both in what it received as the precept and carried in reserves, it was not in a position to either legally carry out highway maintenance works or indeed fund them. The Parish Council does however regularly raise matters with the Highway Authority such as the highway flooding suffered at the railway bridge and Village Street and we sometimes see works carried out as a result. However, Lincolnshire County Council who are the Highway Authority, in common with most councils, also have funding issues. Therefore, it is likely that any highway maintenance work by the Highway Authority will be restricted to essential works related to safety. If parishioners do have concerns about highway defects they can make these known to the Highway Authority via the Lincolnshire County Council website. The Parish Council do not have a 'hot line' to get defects repaired and any reports by the Parish Council are treated in exactly the same way as any reports made by parishioners. A photograph will be taken when the road is flooding and then the matter will be raised with Highways by the Parish Council.

6.2 The road junction of School Lane with Village Street, (opposite side of the Green), the road has eroded with the traffic right up to the field.
Clerk Action: to raise the issue with Highways.

6.3 Grass verges – islands at the top of School Lane – as you cross over to Denton, on looking towards Grantham, the grass has not been cut right away so you cannot see oncoming traffic very clearly. The parishioner was informed that this was not the responsibility of the Parish Council but Highways England - the matter has been raised on numerous occasions.
Clerk Action: to report the issue.

6.4 Elderberry Bush – on walking from the brookside into Bowmans Way there is an elderberry bush. It was noted that the homeowner cuts the grass and the elderberry bush on the riverbank is the responsibility of the Highways Authority.
Clerk Action: to report the issue to Highways.

6.5 The Chairman expressed the Parish Council's gratitude when the parishioner offered to refurbish the bench in the recreation field. The Council would meet the costs of any materials used.

7 Highways
7.1 General discussion – County Councillor Mark Whittington was going to organise Rowan Smith (the Area Highways Manager) to visit one of the Parish Council Meetings.
Clerk Action: to email the County Councillor to see if this can be organised.

7.2 Update on flooding issues - until we have a huge deluge of rain it will not be known for sure whether or not the work recently completed on the bridge has stopped the flooding.
Clerk Action: to circulate the Chairman’s letter to residents regarding flooding.

7.3 Over-hanging hedges in the village causing footpaths to be inaccessible – information to circulate
Clerk Action: to send out the Chairman’s letter via the village email.

7.4 Village Street and Bowman’s Way – holes in the footpaths – update on repairs – the Parish Council were still waiting to hear from the County Councillor.
Clerk Action: to request an update from the County Councillor.

7.5 Removal of vegetation on Village Street – to respond to the letter from LCC, regarding the cutting of the vegetation and tree.
Clerk Action: to write requesting that the vegetation be cut.

8 Recreation Field
8.1 Update on basic wooden fence to surround the play equipment – Vice Chairman Gill Mahoney was thanked for organising the grant of £2956.80 from SK Community Fund – the Chairman informed the meeting that the Vice Chairman had raised the sum of £21000 for the play equipment and the fencing for the benefit of the village.
Clerk Action: to write to P E Hempstead & Son to see where they would like the position of the double gate in the new fencing. To pass on the details to the Vice Chairman.
Vice Chairman Action: to contact K & S Fencing to order supplies – there will be a 6 week lead following confirmation that the Parish Council wish to start the project. To request that K & S also supply a post (where people can hang their dog lead on) and a “no dogs” sign within the price quoted.

8.2 Update on the Grant Application from South Kesteven Community Funding – the sum of £2217.80 (which is 75% of the Grant) to be credited to the bank account. The remaining £739 (25%) to be awarded following completion of the project.

8.3 Additional Signage for the Recreation Field – the Recreation Field is often used by residents during the hours of darkness. Cllr McGreevy had found evidence of campfires being lit at the top left-hand corner of the field. After discussion it was unanimously agreed not to purchase another sign, as we have only recently had the main sign refurbished. This had been funded by the Ward Member Grant which had been obtained by the District Councillor Pam Bosworth.
Chairman Action: to draft an article to circulate via the Village Email.

8.4 Accompanying dogs into the Playing Field – advice to dog owners’ leaflet drop to be discussed/circulated – Cllr Denton had produced a leaflet which had been circulated via the Village Email. There are now 70+ dogs in the village and, as there are other residents who are not on the Village Email list, it was unanimously agreed to complete a leaflet drop.
Councillor Action: Cllr Denton to update the wording.
Clerk Action: to purchase a small pack of coloured pastel paper and arrange the printing of 120 copies.

8.5 Waste bins in the Recreation Field and possible solutions for emptying it/them – following discussion on the issue of dog waste, it was unanimously agreed to initially put up a waste bin at the entrance to the Recreation Field. Cllr McGreevy volunteered to empty the bin on a regular basis and the contents disposed of in the wastebin on The Green. This would be for a trial period of 6 months trial to see if the bin is used. If the bin isn’t used, the waste bin will be withdrawn.
Clerk Action: to order bin bags to be delivered to Cllr McGreevy.

9 Planning

9 .1 Planning Application No: S21/1535 St Lawrence Church – to extend the graveyard to include land next to graveyard. SKDC requested comments from the Parish Council but the Parish Council would not be able to comment as it was our own planning application.

9.2 Planning Application No S21/1670 – The Grange (Units 2 and 4), School Lane – Change of Use of Units 2 and 4 from Office Use to Class E Commercial Business and Service Uses – following a discussion, it was unanimously agreed by the Parish Council that we had no technical reason to object to this application.
Clerk Action: To send notification to SKDC.

10 Tree Management – Risk Assessment

10.1 Update on recent inspection – following the inspection it was reported that the horse chestnut tree on the green is over mature and it was essential that the tree be felled at ground level and to grind out the stump. Work is also required on the trees in the Recreation Field.
10.2 Quotations to discuss – three quotations were received. Before going forward, the Parish Council would consult the village on suggested plans on a replacement tree which would cost approximately £1000.

11 Village Green - Flowers in containers surrounding the flagpole – update – the flower containers were well received in the village. However, it was agreed to purchase a further container to balance the 2 containers already situated around the flagpole. £100 would be donated by a Parish Councillor to cover the cost.
Clerk Action: to organise the purchase of an additional flower container.
Flagpole – the flagpole needs painting. Cllr McGreevy agreed to paint the flagpole
Councillor Action: Cllr McGreevy to find out which paint to purchase.

12 The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons – on 2 June 2022 – to discuss holding a Street Party or having a beacon – this would be discussed at a General Public Meeting which was being organised by Samantha Wade.
Clerk Action: to put the item on the next meeting’s agenda.

13 Finance (The Clerk)

13.1 Verification of Bank Statements/Reconciliations

The Clerk read out the main details of income and outgoings since reported at the last meeting held on the 1 July 2021 as per the bank statements dated the 5 June and 5 August 2021 –

            5 June 2021                     Balance b/f                                                                                £23993.14


            Date                              Details                                                                                                 £

           4 Aug 2021                   St Lawrence SKDC Planning             Contra – see 5.8.21                 231.00


           Less payments:-


           Date                  Cheque No      Details                                                                                     £

           7 June 2021      200575            Clerk (basic + office exps)                                                      378.40

           15 June 2021    200578            PE Hempstead & Sons                                                            246.12

           29 June 2021    200579            Time Assured Ltd                                                                    138.00

           7 July 2021       200582            Clerk (basic + allowance/mileage)                                       407.58

           8 July 2021       200581            Community Cleaner – pay for July                                        82.14

           8 July 2021       200576            Community Cleaner – pay for June                                       82.14

           12 July 2021     200580            HMRC PAYE – ¼ 30 June 2021                                              25.80

           12 July 2021     200583            PE Hempstead & Sons – June’s grass cutting                     246.12

           30 July 2021     200577            Royal British Legion Industries Ltd – planters                   187.25

           3 August 2021  200585            Clerk – basic pay plus allowance                                         378.40

           5 August 2021  200584            SKDC Planning (made on behalf of the Parochial

                                                            Church Council)                      Contra – see refund 4.8.21      231.00



             5 August 2021            Balance to c/f                                                                            £21821.19

The verification of the Bank Statements and Bank Reconciliations via post had continued to be completed by Cllr Jane Denton up to the 5 August 2021.

13.2 Payments – Community Cleaner – it was resolved to pay the Community Cleaner up to the 30 September 2021.

13.3 Payment – Parish Clerk – it was resolved to pay the Clerk her basic payment to 31 August 2021.

13.4 Payment – P E Hempstead and Sons – it was unanimously resolved to make payment for the grass-cutting completed during July to August 2021

13.5 Payment – SKDC – planning permission for extension of graveyard – the application was made by the Parish Council on behalf of the Parochial Church Council; it had been unanimously resolved to make the payment of £231 which had been refunded.

13.6 Payment – Viking Direct - £36.65 – it was resolved to make payment for the supply of paper and an ink cartridge.

14 Items for the next meeting?

14.1 Half-yearly accounts/budget discussion.

15 Date of the next meetings:

Thursday 14 October 2021

It was unanimously agreed to change November’s meeting to 2 December 2021.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.43 pm.